Installing Omron Health Management Software

Omron Health Management Software is made for PC use only so do not expect to install in on a Mac.

I attempted to install it on my PC and was rudely surprised that it will only install if the hard drive for your Windows system is local drive C.  I have my computer configured where the main hard drive is on F.

The software starts to install and then gives this message.

When you click on the change button, here is what you get.

When you click “OK”, here is the response.

I tried the software from the download.  I tried the software from the CD that came with the HJ-720ITC.  No success.

I sent an email to Omron support and received a nice email back that said in part:

When you receive the 1313 error message, it is because Windows is not installed on Drive C on your computer, which is an operating requirement of our software.

If Windows is not residing on Drive C on your system, you will need to speak with a representative at Microsoft for further guidance.

If Windows is residing on Drive C, please call us at the toll-free number below, for assistance over the phone. Having the system available to troubleshoot may provide us with an insight that will help us resolve this issue for you.

I fail to understand why this is a requirement of the Omron software, but since it is, I am going to have to completely reconfigure my computer if I want to use this software.  My wife’s computer is also configured where drive C is not the operating system drive.

Just be aware that this is a limitation of this software, and Omron is not going to do anything about it!