Omron HJ-720ITC Best Pedometer

The Omron HJ-720ITC is quite similar to the top-rated Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer. They both have dual accelerometer sensors, separate tracking of everyday steps and aerobic movement and an automatic midnight reset.

On the other hand, the major difference between the two Omron pocket pedometers is that the Omron HJ-720ITC pedometer comes with a USB connection so you can upload your data and track your progress on your PC using the Omron Health Management Software while Omron HJ-112 does not have this feature.

The Omron HJ-720ITC stores 41 days of data, including steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories/fat grams burned. However, only the first seven days are available on the display. To view exercise data that is more than a week old, you have to download the data to your PC.

Omron HJ-720ITC Ranked #1 Pocket Pedometer by Money Magazine. Read the article (PDF)